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Vistors to Lexington Arlington Regional office at 172 Bedford Street in Lexington.
Left picture shows State Rep. Jay Kaufman, U. S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, State Senator Ken Donnelly and State Senator Mike Barrett. Center Picture shows Carol Donovan, Deb Goldberg, Treasurer elect and Melanie Thompson. Right picture shows Bob Peters and John Walsh.

Photos by Merna Victor

Lexington/Arlington Regional Democratic Office 2012

What Is The Lexington Democratic Town Committee?

The Lexington Democratic Town Committee is established under the authority of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Charter of the Democratic Party of Massachusetts. Under this authority, the Lexington Democratic Town Committee (LDTC) is charged with furthering the ideals and aims of the Democratic Party locally, in Massachusetts, and nationally.

Goals of the LDTC

  • to enhance the democratic process by engaging more people in political activities;
  • to bring issues of social, economic, and political importance to public awareness;
  • to work through the electoral process to get Democratic candidates elected to public office, in county, state and national positions.


In order to address these goals, the LDTC holds at least four business meetings a year and additional events. The LDTC hosts speakers on current topics as well as candidates for office and elected officials. Each year it holds the annual town-wide Democratic Caucus which elects a delegation of Lexington's Democrats to attend the State Convention. It furthers the building of political community through parties, picnics, and rallies. The LDTC works actively to achieve the election of Democratic candidates.

Meetings of the LDTC are open to the public. Registered Democrats and those who are unenrolled ("independents") are invited to attend LDTC events.

Composition of the Committee

In accordance with the Charter, the LDTC has 35 Elected Members (chosen for four-year terms at the time of the quadrennial Presidential Primary) and a variable number of Associate Members.  Elected members who have been active for 20 or more years are designated "20-year members" and are not required to run for reelection at primary time. Vacancies in the roster of Members may be filled at any duly scheduled and announced meeting of the LDTC. Candidates to fill vacancies are chosen from the list of Associate Members. Associate Members are elected by the LDTC Members from those registered Democrats who volunteer to assist in Democratic Party activities in Lexington. Members and Associate Members are expected to volunteer for, and to participate actively in, the work of the committee. Only elected members have the right to vote on business matters which come before a duly scheduled and announced meeting of the LDTC.


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